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Who am I? Peter de Graaff, sometimes cajonpeter. From my early years of childhood I have been drumming on everything that made sound. Soon my parents gave me the opportunaty to get music lessons and I am still grateful for that. After my conservatory education in Classical and Populair percussion, I started teaching and of course playing in different ensembles with all kind of music.

In a lot of music I use the cajón as a base. Hence my nickname "Cajonpeter". The cajón is a very versatile instrument. With not too much volume, it is suitable for almost all types of music. Acoustic or amplified by a PA sound system. I'm mostly attracted to small percussion instruments from different continents but the big marimba remains one of my favorites. 

    • Folk
    • Pop en Jazz
    • Classical


Often my basic cajónsetup is complemented by various ethnic instruments and cymbals or bells. This depends on the music.

Here a little video of me playing the marimba together with Marije Vijselaar on harp.

Querido Amigo voor Marimba en Harp

Of course, I also play the traditional drumsset. Want to learn more about me? Go to my BIO page. There you will find an overview of my activities and education.

In the Instruments section you can find an overview of my most used percussion instruments. Click one of the pictures for more info..




Released on Janruary 1, 2017
  • NEWMy new life in Sweden.

    Since July 2016 I am living in Sweden and not anymore in Holland. We have a nice house in the middle of a forest and enjoy the silence and beautiful nature. I have retired from my job as teacher att the music school in Hoorn and want to play now here in Sweden.

  • My site is now in English. I have kept the Dutch pages also. You can click on the Dutch flag icon to go to them. Only the instruments pages are not in Dutch. Sorry for that. Maybe later I will add those too.


Released on Janruary 12, 2017
  • Percussion solo by Marco Fadda.




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